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Duen Yih Metal Industry was founded in Chung Hua City, Taiwan by Chairman Mr. Shih since 1973.  It started in a small area of 300 square meters and only produced single product.  Later, the Company was not only able to but committed to developing professional and multi-functional door lock sets.  We are successfully designed more than 1000 kinds of products so far.  The products distributed over 30 countries globally and earned high market recognition within professional lock industry.

Duen Yih has gradually evolved into a rich experienced company in research and development.  Almost 40 years of effort, Duen Yih has become an international and professional manufacture for both OEM and ODM field.  Under Mr. Shih’s leadership, all employees abide by common value of product quality and customer service should always come first.  Our goal is to enhance the quality as well as company level in every perspective.  Because of our corporate culture, today’s Duen Yih could make onto global market.  We are committed to continuously upgrade our manufacture level in international, standardization, computerization and automatic way.

Duen Yih implements quality control system and automatic production lines over years.  We are confident in providing best service and best products to fulfill customer requirements.  Toward future, Duen Yih will keep its broad vision and high ideals.  Our goal is to become the world standard and a significant corporate brand in the field.

Over years, Duen Yih is actively expanding its product lines in heavy duty American mortise locks.  We received several international certificates including ANSI and UL.  Our products distribute over the world and our world famous American mortise lockcase are used in several world famous trim manufactures. The quality is not only appreciated by customers but also become well known in the industry.  In recent 10 years, we actively in developing RFID electronic lock sets.  We perfectly combined new technology and mechanism and gave traditional door locks a new definition in both convenience and safety level.

Our DANDY brand is emphasizing in common values of reliability, accuracy, innovation, progress and stability.  These are not only the value of DANDY but also core of conduct for all the employees.  We expect ourselves to be the best and provide the best product and service.  They are not only a mission to be done but also a commitment to be made.

Address:116 Chang Tsao Road, Shi Shing Li, Chang Hua City, TAIWAN, R.O.C.   MAIL:duenyih@dandylocks.com
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