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  Q1: What kind of detail should we specify when ordering?
A1: Please refer to the below table.
Product Item Door Thickness Trim Thickness Door Handling Handle Design Key Way
 Lock Body     X X  
 Lock Body + Cylinder X X X X X
 Complete Lock Set X X X X X
The door thickness and trim thickness are related to the spindle length, cylinder length, screw length…etc. Therefore, we need you specify us this information for supply the suitable parts.
In order to supply you the lock body with proper latch aspect, we request door handling confirmation.
Our lock body composition depends on handle design, different handle design with different structure.
Please specify the key way, because we have a lot of kinds of key way can supply you.
  Q2: If I only order the cylinder, how to figure out the proper cylinder length?
A2: The door thickness divides by 2, and then plus trim thickness equals approximate cylinder length.
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